The following species have been seen in the forest and/or the Pinetum:

MammalsBrown Long-eared Bat, Daubenton's Bat, Noctule Bat and Pipistrelle Bat, Fox, Badger, Dormouse, Wood Mouse, Shrews, Voles, Hedgehog, Rabbit, Roe Deers, Moles, Stoats and Weasels

 Herptiles - Common Lizard, Grass snake, Slow worm, Newts, Common Frog and Toadtoad 2


While most species are encouraged to inhabit the Pinetum and forest, there are unwelcome animals such as Deer and Rabbits that eat our young trees.  The non-native Mink is a particular problem for our nesting birds and small mammals so please let us know if you spot any in the area.