Bird WatcherBedgebury Birding is an email based group which meets occasionally for walks and records bird sightings for the Pinetum and forest. It is a group associated with the Friends of Bedgebury with most group members also a Friends member.  This group is coordinated by David Holloway. David works in the Learning Department, mainly with schools and also with a team of volunteers. The occasional newsletter goes out by email to members with contributions welcome from members.

The group will be informed of interesting and/or latest sightings but of course this does depend on sightings being reported. A record of sightings can be found on this website.

As far as the Forestry Commission is concerned, Bedgebury has three managed areas; the National Pinetum, Forest Research Plots and Bedgebury Forest. Within all three there is a good variety of habitats, soil types and topography all of which makes for a good diversity of flora and fauna and therefore, interesting walks and bird watching.

Although there is all year round bird interest it is the arrival of winter migrants that attracts most attention with the Hawfinch, our largest finch, being the star attraction. However Crossbill, Brambling and Lesser Redpoll are also regular winter visitors. Walks in the forest area can be rewarding with rhoding Woodcock and churring Nightjars in summer. In both Forest and Pinetum, all three Woodpecker species can be found, as well as a range of tits and warblers and several birds of prey. See the list of species for a better indication of what may be seen. In winter, a bird-ringing programme exists with a mist net set up at the FC Offices.  There is often no notice or only short notice of when this will happen as it is very wind dependent but with an advance arrangement through the group members can observe this activity.

Interested? Get in touch by emailing;

Click here for a list of birds seen at Bedgebury